Welcome to the second life of No Maple Bar

I started this experiment in 2019 to see if I could create my own comic strip. I have absolutely zero artistic talent, especially when it comes to drawing. But still, I wondered 'why not me?' 

I also enjoy writing, pontificating, and bloviating about how everything and everyone is way dumber than I am. And how my failures are WAY less egregious than anyone else's. 

I grew up reading likes of The Farside, Calvin and Hobbes, Herman, and Pearls Before Swine. And I thought..."I can do this." 

It turns out...I can't. But when has not being able to do something stopped anyone?  

I can make lots of geometric shapes and put text boxes above them. And they look *almost* like comics because of the three panels and the like.

Still, even these trite strips have evolved from abject crap to...less abject crap. 

About a year in, I settled on a style and around the same time I decided I would do 100 comics (on the date of this edit, 5/20/2023, I am on comic #92). 

Because failure is pointless without perstistance.

So, instead of actually learning how to draw decent comics, let's simply be persistent in our failure until I win the lottery or something---